ACGcaps™ GT capsule ACGcaps™ GT capsule

About ACGcaps™ GT

Using ACGcaps™ GT unleashes great opportunities to differentiate your brand in an increasingly overcrowded market. Comprising two identically shaped gelatine shells, ACGcaps™ GT allows you to completely enclose caplets (capsule-shaped tablets). A gap can also be left between shells, with the caplet in the very centre of the capsule.  

Key features

  • Creates brand stand-out
  • Masks unpleasant tastes and odours in active ingredients or excipients
  • Easy to swallow and patient-friendly
  • Tamper-evident design
  • Can help to extend product lifecycles
  • ACGcaps™ GT Plus variant offers full capsule enrobing
  • ACGcaps™ GT Pro variant leaves a gap in between shells for more rapid disintegration and quick release of drugs





The certifications are applicable to certain colours and/or variants.

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