ACGcaps™ H+ capsule ACGcaps™ H+ capsule

About ACGcaps™ H+

ACGcaps™ H+ is the world’s first independently certified* ‘Clean Label’ capsule. It’s been tested rigorously for more than 400 industrial and environmental contaminants and toxins (including heavy metals) and more than 300 commonly used pesticides, plasticisers and other unwanted chemicals. ACGcaps™ H+ is manufactured with thermogelation technology that uses only water and cellulose – no gelling agents. 

Key features

  • Can be filled with powders, pellets, granules and liquids, or combinations thereof
  • Fulfils the dissolution requirement, regardless of pH or ionic strength
  • Superior heat stability in storage, with no cross-linking issues
  • Low inherent moisture
  • Meets the requirement of pharmaceutical products



Certifications are applicable to certain colours and/or variants.

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