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Whether you have a greenfield capsule-manufacturing project, or are simply thinking of expanding, there is no better partner to consult than ACG.

As the only truly integrated provider to the world’s solid dosage industries, ACG can offer a range of products that nobody else can – from empty hard shell capsules, to capsule filling and packaging equipment, to protective packaging materials, to vision inspection and supply chain traceability solutions.

Associated to offering multiple product and service types, and perhaps even more importantly, is that only ACG has knowledge, experience and expertise of how these products and services impact and effect one another when joined together in a production line.

This allows ACG – and only ACG – to provide holistic and pragmatic guidance on improving productivity and efficiencies, while also reducing downtime.

We’ve been involved in the manufacturing and handling of capsules since 1962, and we’re more than happy to share everything we’ve learned.


granulation and pelletisation

High shear mixers, fluid beds, fluid bed combos and integrated granulation trains.

acg engineering


A close up of blue capsules

HPMC and gelatine capsules for almost every application.

acg capsules


Solid fill

Capsule-filling equipment.

acg engineering

Capsule check-weighing

Capsule check-weighing

Automatic 100% capsule checkweighers designed for precision.

acg engineering

Packaging materials

A close up of a clear packaging film

The world’s biggest range of both films and foils.

acg packaging materials

Blister packaging

A close up of a blister pack foil

Flat forming–flat sealing, and rotary forming–rotary sealing blister machines and format parts.

acg engineering

Vision inspection

Vision inspection

Inspection systems for capsules packaging, and codes and labels.

acg inspection


A close up of a carton with serialisation applied

Continuous and intermittent carton packaging machines.

acg engineering

Supply chain traceability

A serialised carton being scanned

Carton serialisation, 360° referencing, aggregation, bottle serialisation, traceability software.

acg inspection

We make it better, so you can make better.

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ACG’s Moonshot Moment : becoming part of WEF’s GLN community

MD Karan Singh explains the journey in achieving the “Oscars of manufacturing”

Last month, India’s largest capsules maker and the world’s second-largest – ACG – was feted in Davos, on joining the World Economic Forum’s Global Lighthouse network.“Lighthouses” are a beacon of sorts, when it comes to adopting advanced technologies to transform manufacturing, and globally there are 153 certified Lighthouses, across industries.

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2023 pharma predictions

Pharma manufacturing

The pandemic continued to affect supply chains, inflation was at a recent all-time high, and FDA approvals hit a five-year low. The Inflation Reduction Act was signed into law back in August, promising to limit the pharma industry’s pricing power.

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Virtual Inspections: Embracing the Digital Change


Virtual inspections must become a part of companies’ repertoires if they aim to maintain quality standards in their organisations.Digital tools and technologies are advancing rapidly – but how can pharma make the best use of them? One area of manufacturing that is ripe for enhancement via digital tools is product inspections.

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