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Better protection makes it better.

To preserve the integrity and quality of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products, it is imperative to keep them protected from environmental elements like moisture and oxygen.

ACG Packaging Materials offers the world’s widest range of  films and foils for packaging pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products, including the entire spectrum for solid dosage forms. Equally important to having the biggest range is knowing exactly which product best meets your brief, so ACG experts are always on-hand to offer advice on even the most complex packaging challenges.

All ACG packaging materials are made in-house, assuring the highest quality and standards at each step of the manufacturing process.

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ACG Packaging Material Laboratories

Let’s make it better, together.

ACG currently has two research facilities dedicated to the advancement of barrier films and foils – one in Sao Paolo, Brazil, and the other just outside Mumbai in India. Both have the necessary equipment and experts to conduct test runs, stability studies, real-world permeability studies, optimisation studies, and pack characterisation analyses. There are also facilities to conduct lectures and training programmes. All of this is at your disposal as an ACG Packaging Materials customer.

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ACG’s cost-of-ownership experts

Helping you make better packaging decisions.

Sometimes a cheaper packaging substrate can end up costing more than an expensive one. For example, it may require that larger quantities of material are used (incurring additional storage and shipping costs) or negatively affect machine output. Conversely, many expensive materials are over-specified when a cheaper one would suffice. Our total cost-of-ownership experts help you understand the hidden costs of packaging so you can make better informed decisions.

Integrated packaging solutions

A holistic view on your manufacturing problems.

Understanding how packaging materials interact with the machines that use them is fundamental to the success of good packaging. As a producer of both packaging materials and blistering machines, we’re uniquely positioned to understand all of this. So, we’ll work with you to analyse the root causes of any problem and properly sort out any issues.

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Sustainability in packaging

We’re leading the way.

We’re continually looking for new ways to reduce our carbon footprint. Product-wise, we currently have a range of sustainable products in our pipeline that comprise recyclable, biodegradable and halogen-free packaging materials. First for launch will be a paper-based and fully compostable blister pack that will be great for our sustainability credentials – and yours!