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Our learning vision at ACG is to empower everyone to perform at their highest potential. As an organisation, we believe that learning is liberation and have hence curated a learning culture through several programmes, digital experiences, policies, recognition systems, and exponential growth opportunities. 

Holistic development

We go beyond building careers by enabling our associates to discover and craft their own career visions catering to all aspects of their lives. We are strongly committed to building a healthier future together with our associates and encourage everyone to explore their journey with a holistic approach and balance. All our interventions are designed with a focus on – Education, Experience, Exposure, and Eco-system (4E framework for development).

Holistic development graphic
Holistic development graphic

Moving toward inner shifts

We believe that true learning happens through intentional change and inner shifts. Hence, all the development programmes are designed with unique elements to appeal to different learning styles of each participant with a combination of inner processes of reflection, mentoring support, and curated content/learning tasks. Our flagship learning offerings span across all levels of associates. We also provide access to thousands of digital learning courses on our learning platform to enable learners. We believe that learning is not only a significant milestone but also an experience we create moment to moment while working with ACG.

Moving towards inner shift graphic
Moving towards inner shift graphic

Robust talent identification

We have put in place a robust talent identification process through our assessment centre process called LCAMP (Leadership Competency Alignment and Mapping Process). This helps in mapping associates to the right roles and aids in the development process in line with their vision. This process is customized at a role level bringing contextual situations to life in the simulation process. This is followed by a detailed development dialogue with the participants helping create mutual understanding and self-awareness around where they stand. The entire process is modeled around bringing about intentional change in participants through increasing self-awareness. We truly believe that the greatest power is held within you, and this process helps you tap into that inner potential.

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