packaging foils Foils-mob

A premium cold-form blister foil made with high-quality raw materials and compliant with global regulatory standards.


Key features

  • The ultimate barrier against moisture, light and gases
  • Exceptional formability and sealability, with an expansive range of lidding foils
  • Primer-grade aluminium laminates ensure higher resistance to delamination
  • 'Vibrant surface’ or ‘reverse printed’ cold-form blister options


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Technical specifications


VariantSpecificationWith primerWithout primer
3-ply25 oPA/45 Al/60 PVC
25 oPA/50 Al/60 PVC
25 oPA/60 Al/60 PVC
25 oPA/45 Al/100 PVC
4-ply60 PVC/25 oPA/45
Al/60 PVC
60 PVC/25 oPA/60 Al/60
5-ply40 HDPE/15 oPA/60
Al/15 oPA/40 HDPE
Low cross-migration25 oPA/45 Al/30 PVC
30 PVC/25 oPA/45
Al/30 PVC
30 PVC/25 oPA/45
Al/15 PVC
Sustainable25 oPA/45 or 50 or 60
Al/40 or 50 or 60 HDPE