Introducing ACG vegetarian capsules.  At the forefront of HPMC capsule development.

Our mission to keep collaboratively creating a healthier world remains at the heart of everything we do.

To this end, we have now fully upgraded our range of cellulose-based (HPMC) vegetarian capsules to further enhance product quality and patient safety, while also matching consumer preferences for healthier, kinder and more sustainable products.

Explore our range of vegetarian capsules.

Our vegetarian range at a glance.





Two colour printing


 Clear w/colour 

White opaque

Opaque w/colour

A flexible multi-purpose vegetarian capsule





ACGcapsTM H+
Our cleanest vegetarian capsule





A vegetarian capsule for liquid filling




Our delayed release vegetarian capsule



A vegetarian capsule for dry powder inhalation




Addresses specific dissolution requirements




P Suitable for pharmaceutical applications
N Suitable for nutraceutical applications
Choose from 10,000+ shades in ACG’s online colour library
O Choose from natural colours in the ACGcaps™ NTone range (available for nutra application only) 
T Can be used with titanium dioxide-free opacifiers (ACGcaps™ TSafe)
§ Available in a pearl finish

Why choose vegetarian capsules?


  • Now cleaner and kinder
    Completely natural, our capsules are also vegan and so 100% free from animal products. ACGcaps™ H+ is formulated from only water and cellulose (without gelling agents) and was the world’s first independently certified ‘clean label’ capsule.
  • Now even more versatile
    Our vegetarian capsule range is excellent for moisture-sensitive or hygroscopic ingredients, and features a variant for almost every application – from delayed release to liquid-fill, to dry powder inhalation. We also have a premium capsule especially designed for demanding formulations.
  • Now fully customisable
    Our vegetarian capsules can be perfectly clear to show off your product, or made opaque and coloured for better brand stand-out. We even have completely natural colour and opacity options that allow you to customise without compromising on ‘clean’.

Make our capsules your capsules.

In a fiercely competitive marketplace, it’s easy for your products to get lost in the crowd. Not only will our myriad customisation options help you stand out, but they will also make your brand instantly recognisable. Furthermore, easier identification of medicines through capsule customisation can encourage better patient adherence. ACG’s customisation options are almost limitless, with some of our ‘natural’ customisation technologies also recognised as world-firsts.

ACG colour library
Over 10,000 shades to choose from, and the expertise and equipment to develop custom tones too. We can also provide guidance on colour selections to ensure global regulatory compliance.

ACGcaps™ NTone
Our ACGcaps™ NTone pigments allow you to create 100% natural, brilliantly coloured capsules.

ACGcaps™ TSafe
Our titanium dioxide-free opacifiers enable you to create completely clean opaque capsules that are ideal for formulating a range of clean label products. TSafe-enhanced capsules can also be pigmented with a wide range of colours.  

ACGcaps™ Pearlz
Add a premium pearlescent finish to create a distinctive look that will lift your product off the shelf.

ACGcaps™ Brandshield
Print graphics, logos, or text directly onto your capsules with our industry-leading single-colour or two-colour 360° radial printing. Besides being great for your brand, printing can also be an effective anti-counterfeiting solution that requires no capital investment. 

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