Tablet compression

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Engineered to meet evolving pharmaceutical quality standards, ACG's tablet compression range exemplifies technological innovation and productivity enhancement. This comprehensive range encompasses single and double-rotary tablet presses, incorporating features that heighten production efficiency, aligning perfectly with market demands. Operator-friendly features are integrated into various models to streamline tablet-compression processes, making routine operations intuitive and efficient. The PARAMOUNT turret introduces a new dimension to high-speed tablet compression through uniquely designed die pockets, resulting in increased productivity and faster batch manufacturing without additional footprint. Whether for R&D, small, medium-batch, or large-scale campaign production, these machines redefine technological boundaries, simplifying the process of tablet compression.


From basic functions to advanced processes, PROTAB™ 700 simplifies tablet compression and is all about absolute efficiency without compromise.
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ACG’s LEGACY 6100 is a single-rotary, fully automated tablet compression machine with wide-ranging features that boost production efficiency and help you respond effectively to rising market demands.
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Tablet tooling

Our punches and dies are designed using the latest industry-benchmarked 3D software, and manufactured with close tolerances commensurate with various OEM tablet press designs.
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