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Introducing ACG packaging foils.
Barriers you can trust.

All ACG cold-form base foils are made from only validated raw material sources and are compliant with pharmaceutical regulatory standards. Our lidding foils (suitable for both thermo-form and cold-form blister packs) match global benchmarks in quality and compliance, and exhibit exceptional seal ability to common blister base materials like PVC, PVdC and APET.

Our packaging foil range at a glance.


ProductKey feature


Aluminium lidding foil

Ensures exceptional seal ability to common blister substrates


Cold-form blister foil

Made of primer-grade aluminium laminates that ensure high resistance to delamination

Tropical foil

Aluminium-based laminate for tropical blister applications

An impermeable barrier to protect even the most sensitive products

CR/SF foil

Lidding foil for child-resistant and senior-friendly blister packs

Has excellent safety credentials, while ensuring convenience and user-friendliness 

Make our packaging materials your own.

With innovation and customer-service at the heart of everything we do, we’ve designed our packaging materials to be easily modified and customisable. This means we can help create foils that are coloured and printed exactly as you wish.