Welcome to the ACG Process Development Lab

A space dedicated to the collaborative pursuit of making the world healthier.

Available to all ACG customers, here you will find some of the world’s newest and most innovative pieces of process equipment, and experts in all aspects of process development.

A modern crafted laboratory.

Spread over 4,500 square feet of ACG Engineering space with world-class features:

Extensive range of equipment for feasibility, R&D and pilot scale studies

In-house technical training

A highly skilled team of 15+ pharmaceutical experts with experience handling 3,500+ formulations.

Equipped with in-process laboratory to monitor physical parameters

A lab designed with you in mind.

For more than two decades, ACG Engineering has been helping customers refine their process solutions.Together we’ve tried and tested methods and developed the process for thousands of formulations along the way, and even pioneered the first granulation technology that can both dry and granulate at the same time.

Our Process Development Lab is the next step in supporting our customers on their product journeys by providing world-class process development experience and technologies under one roof.


We’ve enabled support trials in thousands of formulations over the years, and all over the world. In our Process Development Lab you can set your product at R&D and pilot scale, before replicating it at your manufacturing site.


Using our scientific resources, we can help you develop an existing process to work optimally or create a niche one. Our Lab has the in-house capabilities to support you from R&D to pilot stage. Tangential Spray Granulation, Hot Melt Granulation and Rotor Dry Powder Layering are just some novel process technologies we’ve developed.


With experience of handling over 3,500 formulations, and technical experts in a wide range of specialisms, we can help you develop a product and provide value-added solutions, with extended on-site support for commercial set-up and production.


ACG laboratories is well equipped to support you in completing QbD trials in product development. Our experts will facilitate you to reduce your development cycle, resources, and process time. We do this by helping to build robustness in the process and helping you to achieve a high success rate in commercialisation.

Scale up

We can test the scaling up of your project using pilot-scale machinery and providing practical tips on how to apply it to a commercial setting. ACG is also well equipped with technical capability to support you for successful scale out of the product during product validation and commercialisation stage.

Regulatory support

Helping you speed up the approval process, our team has vast experience in handling process and machine related queries.


Our training sessions are always in demand. You can learn about the process industry. See new formulations in action. Or have a 1-1 training session with some the latest equipment.

Meet the process experts.

As far as we’re concerned, it’s not just about the lab or the machines (although we have to say they are pretty impressive). It’s also about our people. 

Our team has been working in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries for years. Yes, they know all about the latest technologies, but – more importantly – they know how to work together, and with you. This means you’ll always get the absolute best process solutions and help in developing your products.

Discover our machines.

The ACG Process Development Lab is home to some of the smartest technologies and finest powder processing equipment.
As they have often been developed in direct response to customer needs, many of our Lab machines are unique.


The Lab is fully equipped with a wide range of process equipment for drying, granulation and tablet coating.


“Big on innovation. Capable of handling the smallest quantities.”

Process capability
Working volume


“A table-top machine for all fluid bed-based experiments.”

Process capability
Working volume

GPCG 1.1

“The legacy lab workhorse for all things fluid bed.”

Process capability
Working volume


“The fluid bed for when you need a little extra.”

Process capability
Working volume


“A compact and compliant, high shear mixer.”

Process capability
Working volume


Using our pilot scale equipment, you can test the feasibility of scaling up before taking your product to market. Our experts will support you through the process and beyond.

GT 150 X·ONE

State of the art granulation and drying system in one.

Process capability
Working volume


“Tableting simplified.”

Process capability


“Table top lab-scale tablet coating studies.”

Process capability
Working volume


“Versatility in lab and pilot coating studies.”

Process capability
Working volume

Get in touch.

Why not consider including the ACG Process Development Lab as part of your product journey? We can help at any stage, but if you get in touch at the beginning (when you’re filing a new product) we can help you save time and money on getting it right first time.

Make process development part of your product journey today.