India is now widely regarded as ‘the pharmacy of the world’, and ACG has been at the centre of supporting Indian drug manufacturing since its pharmaceutical industry exploded in the early 1970s. Originally suppliers of empty hard shell capsules, ACG has always listened to customer and market needs, and so has grown into what it is today – the largest integrated supplier to the world’s solid dosage pharmaceutical industry.

138 countries on 6 continents.

ACG now has comprehensive ranges of both gelatine and HPMC capsules, provides almost every imaginable machine required to make solid dosage medicines, manufactures the world’s largest range of film and foil protective packaging materials, and supplies serialisation and supply chain traceability systems. 

We have sixteen manufacturing facilities, and operate in 138 countries on six continents. Our revenues have quadrupled over the past 15 years, and we now partner with 50% of the globe’s Top 100 solid dosage manufacturers.

Here is just some of what only ACG can provide.

  • Turnkey solid dosage pharmaceutical manufacturing solutions
  • Holistic advice to enhance productivity and efficiencies throughout your manufacturing processes
  • A single source of procurement with the inherent ease and accountability that it brings
  • Decentralised manufacturing operations to mitigate any local supply chain issues
  • Complimentary value added services, including regulatory compliance advice teams and multiple laboratories around the world (capsules formulation, packaging, process development, etc.)
  • A privately owned enterprise that eschews short-term gain for long-term collaboration and true partnership

Your partner in solid dose manufacturing.

Wherever in the world you are, if you need a partner that understands the scope and complexity of solid dose manufacturing, while also providing almost everything you might require in the process, then speak to us. We’re always looking for new friends in this exciting business.

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