ACGCaps HI capsule ACGCaps HI capsule

About ACGcaps™ HI

Developed after extensive studies on powder retention, ACGcaps™ HI has been specifically engineered for use with dry powder inhalation devices. ACGcaps™ HI ensures accurate dosing, uniform dispersion, and efficient drug delivery to the respiratory system, enhancing medication effectiveness and patient outcomes.

Key features

  • Low powder-retention for maximum dose delivery
  • Proven puncturing, cutting and twist-open performance
  • Compatible with a variety of inhalation devices
  • Suitable for a wide range of active pharmaceutical ingredients
  • Proven machine-friendly design
  • Complies with stringent regulatory requirements for microbiological limits
  • 100% vegan, without compromising on quality




Certifications are applicable to certain colours and/or variants.

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