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Guided by our designers and engineers, who meticulously consider every detail to align with your needs, we've crafted a carton packaging range that embodies efficiency and addresses modern packaging demands. Within this range, the continuous-motion, horizontal cartoning machines exemplify our expertise, boasting over 300 successful installations. Created for low power-consumption, these machines demonstrate our design prowess, based on proven engineering concepts. Our best-selling HICART PLUS is a prime example of robustness, reliability and versatility, and adjusts seamlessly to evolving trends. Meanwhile, our vertical cartoning machine showcases remarkable versatility, accommodating standard and non-rigid products, along with combinations that other machines cannot handle.


Highly robust, reliable, and versatile to meet ever-changing packaging trends and demands, HICART PLUS is available in different pitch and chain configurations, and can carton any rigid object.
Hicart Plus Product Shot

CP 120

CP 120, created for low power consumption, showcases ACG’s design expertise based on proven engineering concepts.
CP 120 Product Shot

VP 120

This continuous-motion and semi-automatic vertical cartoning machine can handle standard rigid products, non-rigid products, and combination products that other packaging machines simply can’t handle.
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Built on a robust framework of balcony design, VEKTOR is a compact, intermittent-motion, horizontal cartoning machine, ideal for blister applications with multiple stacks.
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