ACGcaps™ HA capsule ACGcaps™ HA capsule

About ACGcaps™ HA

ACGcaps™ HA is an inert, high-performance, cellulose-based capsule that addresses specific dissolution requirements in 0.01N HCl. This ensures an accurate drug-release profile that allows for predictable and controlled release of the encapsulated drug, and precise formulation development.

Key features

  • Suitable for molecules requiring dissolution in 0.01N HCl (pH 2.0)
  • Provides confidence in achieving reproducible results and batch-to-batch consistency
  • Less susceptible to cross-linking
  • Accurate predictions of a drug’s release behaviour offer flexibility in formulation development
  • Proven machine-friendly design
  • Consistent quality and manufacturing performance




Certifications are applicable to certain colours and/or variants.

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